Optimum Results Inc.

Accelerating Success with Strategy and Focus

Who We Are

Optimum Results, Inc. is a virtual RESOURCE team. We are highly experienced, results-oriented professionals who efficiently work as an extension of your existing organization. Our Team averages 20 years of experience in strategic planning, research and analysis, business development, marketing, sales and best practices transfer expertise with and for the Fortune 500. We are experienced in products and services across a wide range of industries – large and small, global and regional. We don't think of ourselves as consultants. We think of ourselves as an extension of your organization working to insure the your success and that of your clients.

Our Mission

Our mission is your success. It's that simple.

How We Help

Optimum Results can maximize the productivity of your organization through selective outsourcing to drive strategy, focus and results of your most critical initiatives. We provide seasoned, professional, practical know-how on an as-needed basis. We are your virtual “staff down the hall” only when you need it.

Particular areas of expertise include:

  • Breaking down broadly-based visions and strategies into actionable efforts
  • Translating existing expertise into potential new market opportunities
  • Client, competitor and industry analysis
  • Translating analysis into specific marketing and sales support tools
  • Identification and communication of best practices
  • Improving the alignment and coordination between marketing, sales and operations
  • Alliance management and coordination
  • Facilitation and coaching of client-facing teams