Service Matrix

Where does your organization get stuck in terms of achieving your desired results? Is it not knowing enough? Are you buried in data without analysis? Do you need some fresh perspective? Do you just not have enough resources or the right experience levels?

It's our experience that if you can address a small number of missing pieces, you can quickly get back on track. Here is the expertise that Optimum Results, Inc. can bring to your team.

Your Marketplace

  • Target industry / client definition
  • ID and research potential clients
  • Business plan development support
  • Internal process optimization
  • Team Facilitation

Your Customers

  • Client / Competitor / Industry analysis
  • Segmentation modeling and analysis
  • Value-based messaging
  • Lead development and validation
  • New industry / expansion campaigns
  • Marketing channel identification and development
  • Account and relationship strategy support
  • Presentation / proposal support
  • Sales tool development
  • Sales team coaching
  • Facilitation and training

Product / Service Delivery

  • Best practices capture and communication
  • Client / Sales / Delivery GAP analysis and interface support
  • Supply chain coordination and communication
  • Expansion opportunity analysis
  • Alliance / partner identification and coordination

Customer Retention and Satisfaction

  • Customer messaging management
  • Best practices capture and communication
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Alliance support
  • Short-term management resources

Real Life Applications

Vision To Narrow?

Over time, companies get locked into a strategic vision and miss out uncontested market space.

Certain assumptions become "standards" and the ability to truly differentiate within a defined marketplace erodes to competing on price. Real breakthrough opportunities arise from stepping out of a defined playing field and exploring broader opportunities for value delivery.

Optimum Results, Inc. is frequently engaged to help customers broaden their strategic vision. We do this through market analysis, customer analysis and interviews, competitive research overlaid onto existing value capabilities. Often new growth opportunities can be simply leveraged from existing relationships and offerings. We won't lead you into the wilderness. We deliver a prioritized opportunity roadmap to grow your viable market space.

Examples include:

  • MultiGlo, a manufacturer of chemiluminescent products (water repellant glow-in-the-dark gel) for the consumer beauty retail market also had significant market potential in the industrial safety market.
  • Fluor's Global Services Vision 360 analysis uncovered that what clients were "buying" was not represented in what they routinely were "selling" thereby leaving unrealized value delivery on the table.

Kinks In Your Pipeline?

Optimum Results, Inc. was engaged by a long-term client to help a customer whose sales pipeline was increasingly suspect. By analyzing existing data we were able to uncover key kinks that could be readily addressed:

  • Majority of success came from three market sectors but geographical deployment structure did not allow for market focus. Dedicated, industry trained sales reps in key regions enabled greater market leverage.
  • There was a key time period where opportunities would disappear in the pipeline. Improved sales team coordination and coaching at specific junctures offset.
  • Consistent use of existing sales process was directly proportional to success. Best practice capture and transfer helped uplevel challenged regions.
  • Certain market segments remained unprofitable and opportunities for growth were questionable. Transfer these segments to inside sales and reassess on a regular basis.

Chasing Windmills?

Utilizing a straightforward segmentation analysis, Optimum Results, Inc. showed a client what they were leaving on the table with existing accounts. This customer could meet very aggressive growth targets by growing business with customers they already had! We captured the key, repeatable elements that led to historical successes. We developed a roadmap to move languishing accounts up their value curve. And we identified those that were getting too much resource compared to potential growth opportunity and those that justified more.

Is Your Team Lost?

Teams are the brain trust that can accelerate innovation...or just eat up a lot of time. Optimum Results, Inc. has worked with a variety of clients in a variety of industries to provide focus and direction to achieve stated goals.

Examples include:

  • Waste Management - coordinated multi-company alliance teams for Chevron and Hughes Electronics
  • Northrop Grumman - imbedded in multi business unit sales campaign to coordinate sales strategy
  • Avnet Electronics - facilitate multiple customer and supplier councils

Not Executing Your Game Plan?

Optimum Results, Inc. is frequently engaged to bridge the gap between strategy and tactics. We work with our clients to identify the disconnects in the handoffs from value creation through to customer value delivery. Perhaps it's between marketing and sales. Perhaps it's between sales and the delivery team. Perhaps it's with the customer or the supply chain. Through interviews, through business process analysis, through best practice capture and transfer, we will enable your organization to deliver championship results.

Not Enough Hands?

Clients often consider us a virtual extension of their team or their staff. When initiatives loose momentum or resources, we are engaged to lend a hand. Whether it's a critical piece of competitive analysis, helping with a proposal, coaching an executive or a new hire or researching possible new targets, we have the expertise to quickly get it done without a lot of handholding. We have several clients that trust us enough that we carry their business cards and represent them.